The Benefits of Phytoceramides in Skin Rejuvenation


As you age, your skin loses ceramides which are lipids naturally produced by the body. You will know that your skin is losing ceramides when you start seeing wrinkles and the aging spots. The loss of ceramide from the skin is also characterized by rough and sometimes uneven skin. Apart from the signs you can see, your skin also becomes vulnerable to losing moisture and more susceptible to allergens and skin diseases such as cancer and atopic dermatitis. As a result, most of the skin creams includes ceramides as an ingredient. However, this may not be the perfect solution as the application of such creams may not penetrate deeper into the skin to block the formation of wrinkles and skin aging.


To prevent the formation of wrinkles and skin aging, Phytoceramides, which are derived from plants, have been developed. Usually taken orally, Phytoceramides are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the yam based phytoceramides molecules are carried towards the skin cells found on the inner lining of the skin. They are then absorbed to the outermost layer of the skin. The Phytoceramides then functions by rejuvenating the skin. As compared to the skin creams which are applied on the skin surface, the Phytoceramides work from inside out leading to a moisturized, smooth and skin free from wrinkles.


Although there are several options you may consider to improve your skin, the use of lean natural testosterone booster is deemed to have more benefits and effectiveness at the same time. Phytoceramides gives your skin a more youthful appearance. As aforementioned, the Phytoceramides rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. With cosmetic procedures and solutions such as skin creams, you restore your skin from outside in. Between the two, inside out functionality of the Phytoceramide is consider to be more effective in restoring the appearance of the skin.


Secondly, the hydration effects of Phytoceramide cannot be compared to any other solution. Once the Phytoceramide molecules have been absorbed in the bloodstream, the body can now naturally control the effects of these Phytoceramides. As a result, the body will utilize these nutrients in the most effective way while at the same time delivering the hydration effects to the parts of the skin where it is needed the most. Once the Phytoceramide gets on the inner layer of the skin, they also function by improving the ability of the skin cells to restore the moisture of the skin. For more facts and information about health, go to

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